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January 29,2023

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New on 02/22/2022

"Renee and her team have been absolutely fantastic and a lifesaver . . ."

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Welcome to The Crate Escape, Inc.
Thanks for visiting our website. I want to take this opportunity to share with you
a few thoughts about dog daycare in general and dog daycare at The Crate Escape in particular.

Our Assessment Process
Dog daycare has proven to be a natural and healthy outlet for a dogís energy
and playful spirit, but itís not for every dog.
Older dogs may have trouble adjusting to the active environment.
Very shy dogs or dogs with separation anxiety may feel overwhelmed, and un-socialized, aggressive dogs simply canít be trusted to interact safely in this type of environment.
For these reasons we conduct a thorough half-day assessment of all potential attendees.

Individualized Care For Your Dog
Everything about the way we are structured and the way we operate is designed to give your dog the most individualized and personal care possible. Each dog is treated with kindness, patience and compassion to ensure that they have a positive and fun daycare/boarding experience.

It's All About Your Dog
At The Crate Escape, Inc., it truly